Dynasty Capital Group

About Us

Dynasty Capital Group is composed of a team of caring and passionate real estate entrepreneurs who believe in creating win win solutions for Property Sellers who need to sell in today’s real estate market. We all have experienced and been through the ups and downs of this real estate economy so we understand the challenges most property owners are facing. We are here to help. Our goal is to provide guidance, solutions and satisfied sellers.

Our Team

Greg Doss: Greg is the CEO for Dynasty Capital Group and oversees the Business Operations. He has been active in real estate since 2011. His experience has included, buying and selling real estate, owning and managing a real estate portfolio consisting of single and multi-family residences. His interests in real estate started at a young age and after a successful 10 year career in management he decided to pursue real estate full time and Dynasty Capital Group was born. He has been involved with the acquisition and dispositions of properties. However, his sole goal is to be an investor with a cause. He is from Toledo, OH and is an avid basketball fan, loves spending time with his family. Mr. Doss currently resides in Columbus, OH where he is growing Dynasty Capital Group statewide.

James Lockhart: Mr. Lockhart is the COO of Dynasty Capital Group who oversees the Sales and Acquisitions, and Client Relations. Mr. Lockhart has been investing full time since 2015. He has bought and sold properties ranging from condos, single and multi-family residences. He is actively involved in buying property in Ohio with the team at Dynasty Capital Group. He hails from Cleveland, OH area and is a huge Cleveland Cavs fan. When he is not investing in real estate he loves working out and spending time with his family.

It’s about more than $$$$

Dynasty Capital Group was created on the belief that everyone must benefit from each transaction. We have a social conscience and always DONATE a Portion of our Proceeds from Each Transaction completed to a charity or a worthy cause. Our company is for Profit Company however we believe it is important to give back and support causes and charities in need.